Download Jix

Before downloading, please read the important warning at the bottom of this page.

The development of Jix has taken me many hundreds of hours and is entirely funded by your donations.
I ask you to consider the savings you expect to make using Jix and make any donation you see fit.

Here are Jix configuration files for Users and Content. Just download, unzip, upload& import!

If you'd care to further assist the Jix project by joining the Jix beta testing team (this means you periodically receive new a new version and then you try to break it), please register on this site.

I also encourage you to register yourself, so that I can keep you informed of future developments.

Pete Nurse,
nSpot Computing,
Melbourne Australia

Warning: Jix is a powerful tool designed for use only by Joomla Super Administrators with an excellent understanding of the Joomla database.
If used incorrectly, your website could be corrupted or destroyed.
Back up your system before use.

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